Garage Door Rollers Replacement

A garage door's ability to operate effectively depends on its rollers. Contact a qualified mechanic if you see a roller missing, bent, or not rolling properly.

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Garage Door Rollers

If you don't have the right equipment and training, your garage door may be harmful. Count on the specialists at SAL Garage Door Repair, who handle all garage door repairs, to complete this task swiftly and safely.

Our professionals are on call around the clock and can repair your garage door today. Give us a call right away!

Back Roller
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Garage Door Roller

The track that your garage door is on usually extends across the roof of your garage.

By using rollers that are affixed to the door, the torsion spring winds when your garage door opener is turned on, drawing the door up into the garage along the tracks.

The door won’t rise or drop correctly if those rollers have a problem.

They might even make the door fall, inflicting injuries or property damage below, if they cause enough damage.

Before you have an accident or incur a significant repair fee, a garage door roller inspection can help you identify the warning indications of malfunctioning rollers.

Preventative maintenance and inspection are part of our SAL Garage Door Repair to stop roller issues before they start. Additionally provided is roller repair.