Garage Door Cable Repair

Without the necessary knowledge and training, we STRONGLY encourage our customers NOT to try to replace a broken garage door cable. This procedure should only be carried out by trained professionals because it is extremely risky. Extremely tense garage door wires have the potential to kill or severely hurt people.

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What Are the Cables for Garage Doors Used For?

A garage door has cables attached on both sides. These wires enable the door to glide up and down smoothly with the aid of extension and torsion springs. The other cable will be put under additional stress if one cable breaks. It too will eventually fail.

The cables are located at the base of the garage door. It will be fastened to the shaft of the torsion spring at each end. As the torsion spring rotates the drum, the cables unwind or rewind around it. The door can move up or down thanks to this procedure. The spring winds up as the doors are lowered.

Back Cable Repair
Front Cable Repair final

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There will always be wires attached to a system of torsion or extension springs. These wires, as we’ve already said, are essential for raising the weight of the garage door. They often endure a great deal of wear and tear since they perform such a demanding function.

You should only rely on professionals for garage door cable repair and replacement. After all, the entire procedure might be difficult. Without the necessary skills and equipment, you risk suffering devastating injuries.

You can rely on SAL Garage Door Repair to repair your garage door cables to the greatest standards of expertise, safety, and quality.

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You can count on receiving high-end service when you choose SAL Garage Door Repair to repair your garage door.

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